Commercial Product Photography and Post-Processing Techniques By Alex Koloskov

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Creating stunning product photography requires a unique set of skills in the studio and in post-production. Each product was chosen to expose you to a variety of techniques to help you build a repertoire of skills that will aid you in shooting a range of commercial products. In this class you will learn that attention to detail during your studio time can save you hours in post-production, you will see different ways of using lighting modifiers to enhance the shape and detail in your subjects, and you will learn to how to develop an efficient workflow that takes you all the way from the studio to final output.

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Join Alex in the studio as he goes over the concepts that will be covered in this class.
Along with a quick demonstration of how lighting modifiers can make a huge difference in your product photography, Alex discusses the gear he uses.
Alex begins to step through the process he uses to do a product shot of a laptop that will be composited into a different background later.
Building on the previous lesson Alex moves toward the final shot by modifying the lights further.
A glass bottle brings its own unique set of properties that need to be considered before the shooting begins. After evaluating the subject the shooting setup can be created and adjustments can be made.
Building on the work done so far, Alex continues to modify the lights to achieve the look he is going for. Once the lighting for the bottle is set he can add in other props.
With all elements in place, Alex makes the final adjustments to complete the image.
Shooting a white object on a white background presents a new set of challenges.
Getting a reflection on a white subject on a white background can be done in Photoshop or it can be done with your lighting setup as Alex demonstrates. Alex also demonstrates a technique for making your subject appear to be floating in space without any post-production.
With the shooting done for the three subjects Alex sets up the next part of the class that goes into his post-production techniques in Photoshop.
Starting in Camera Raw for basic processing, the photo is passed on to Photoshop for cleaning up dust and fingerprints.
With the laptop cleaned up it is time to remove it from the background and composite it into a new digital background.
Starting with setting the white balance, the image is processed in Camera Raw before being passed on to Photoshop for finishing touches.
Starting in Camera Raw the basic processing is performed before passing on to Photoshop for clean up.
Additional clean up techniques are used to smooth out wrinkles and enhance the bottle.
With all post-production completed Alex wraps up the class.
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I am a mix of technicality, innovation and out of the box thinking. Since childhood my dad inspired and encouraged that in me. I am completely self taught. I don't know the rules nor do I care about them. I don't follow the herd. I do it my way. That turned out to be invaluable in what I do. It allowed me to experiment, see outside the b...

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  1. Profile photo of PonoPhoto PonoPhoto


    Wow! What an amazing amount of information in this one! Fantastic job, both on the photography part as well as the post production. Not 100% sure of what her name is from the videos, but she did a killer job in Photoshop, especially with that Champagne bottle shot. And now I will use a lot of this info later this week on a shoot I have for a Rum company here in Hawaii. I’ve shot for them before, but I have a feeling the shots I get for them this time are going to be a little different… :D

    Daniel Lane (aka PonoPhoto)

  2. Profile photo of Zoop Photo Zoop Photo

    Thank You Alex, I keep coming back to your class and every time I learn more. This is by far the best class I’ve watched.

  3. Profile photo of shaq80 shaq80

    That’s a really great tutorial! I hope to see more from Alex and Genia, here on Kelbyone. Great job guys! Thank you.

  4. Profile photo of wmmc01 wmmc01

    Lots of great tips, and an excellent approach to training. Love the trial and adjustment aspects. While I have been using one for YEARS for various purposes, I never thought of using a polarizer for product shots! Duh! Alex & Genia you are a great team.

  5. Profile photo of Ross Ross

    This has been one of the most enjoyable online classes I have taken. I can say that I learned something in every segment whether it was related to the setup and capture or in the post processing. Alex and Genia are just brilliant. All steps are well explained and very simple. It’s how you take them and put them together that makes the difference. You can see how they have developed their workflow together and it becomes a great template for the student to work from. I highly recommend this class and look forward to more from Alex and Genia.

  6. Profile photo of joejatkins joejatkins

    Alex, I have been a Kelby subscriber for some years now and have viewed a good many of the courses, but I have to say this must rate right up there as one of the finest tutorials/inspirations on this great platform. Thank you for your insights, your techniques and your talent/hard work. It was a real pleasure to share this time with you.

  7. Profile photo of Stambaugh Stambaugh

    Styrofoam!! What a great tip! Thank you Alex.

  8. Profile photo of

    This class has been extremely helpful to me in my line of work. More classes like this please. Great job Alex!

  9. Profile photo of findramon findramon

    This was the one critical course that I had been waiting for! The techniques not only for using diffused lighting approaches for products but also post production were so well thought through and had a lot of depth with ideas and creativity.

    One question- is there a way that the “gear guide” can be updated to list out the essentials of the products that were used for your course? Specifically, the flat surface that mounts on the light stand for things like that laptop as well as the diffused plastic roll.

    thank you!

  10. Profile photo of Alex Alex

    Thank you guys! :-)

  11. Profile photo of Wislia Wislia

    I really enjoyed this class. Good job Alex!

  12. Profile photo of DWKenyon DWKenyon

    David Kenyon
    Great class Alex. Once again he makes the technical aspects of product photography easy to understand and accessible through his casual and deeply informative presentation style. I look forward to more instalments on KelbyOne.

  13. Profile photo of

    Alex is one of the best teachers that I`ve ever seen, he explains the things with such an ease. I made recently one Workshop about Still Life and I can tell for sure that it didn`t come close to this class.
    Thank you very much, Alex. You rock!
    Спасибо большое за отличную работу!

  14. Profile photo of Brian Rodgers Jr Brian Rodgers Jr

    Awesome class! Alex is such a great instructor. I’ve been a member of his training for some time now, and still learned some cool things in his KelbyOne class. This is one of my favorite classes on KelbyOne hands down!

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