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Photographing Florida Birds

Join famed wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he goes out in search of some magnificent Florida bird shots

August 20, 2008

Nature Photography – Shorebirds

Wildlife photographer Moose Peterson takes viewers on an excursion onto the shores of Florida, right along the water's edge to capture images of the beautiful winter plumage of shorebirds.

July 2, 2010

Purchase Course – Aviation Photography: Warbirds and the Men Who Flew Them

Get a behind the scenes look at the people, the planes, and the process Moose Peterson went through to capture the amazing air to air photographs of these legendary pilots and their aircraft. These photographs are a way to help preserve history and honor the victories and sacrifices made by the men who flew them and the crews who kept them flying.

September 15, 2014

Purchase Course – Yellowstone Big Game Photography

Yellowstone National Park in the fall is the best place to photograph big game. Join wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he explores Yellowstone and captures amazing images from this national treasure

August 4, 2014

The Nikon D3S Power Session

Pro Photographer Moose Peterson talks about the new features of the Nikon D3S as well as how to customize the settings to get the most out of your camera and your photos.

February 15, 2010

Purchase Course – Shooting Fall Landscapes

It’s all about color! Join Moose Peterson, wildlife photographer, out in the Eastern Sierras surrounded by blue skies and beautiful fall colors. Moose takes you to some of his most favorite locations and gives you the scoop on everything from gear to camera settings and shooting strategies to post-processing tips. By the end of the class you’ll be chomping at the bit to head out to capture your own stunning fall landscape photos armed with the tips and tricks from a true professional.

August 4, 2014

Purchase Course – Master Black & White Landscape Photography

Bad weather makes great photographs! Pull on your big coat and join Moose Peterson on the stormy Oregon coast for inspiration and new ideas on how to create your own black and white masterpieces. Moose has a long history and a strong passion for black and white photography, and he shares his wisdom as he walks you through the steps he takes, from planning to pre-visualization and from capture to post-processing. You’re sure to leave the class itching to get outside in any kind of weather to practice what you’ve learned.

August 27, 2013