• Moose Peterson’s Safari Adventure

    Moose goes on safari! With a career studying and photographing wildlife for over three decades, Moose has his first African safari and you've got a front row seat. Join Moose as he encounters the wide array of wildlife that calls the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa home . . .
  • Photoshop World Live

    Transcript excerpt: "world famous outdoor and wildlife photographer, moose peterson,.Mooshie taught an interesting class this morning, what was that called? Well, it was a class called smooch a moose. Okay, and I'm not going to ask anymore of that. It wasn't about my mating habits, so it's okay. Well, what was it"
    Join your fellow Photoshop users at Photoshop World and get the tools, training, and techniques to master this amazing piece of software . . .
    Found on lesson 17
  • The Art of Air to Air

    Moose shows you what you need to know to start making connections with pilots, building those relationships, and then learning how to prepare for a shoot on the ground long before you head up into the sky . . .
  • Aviation Photography: Warbirds and the Men Who Flew Them

    Transcript excerpt: "generations. Today, KelbyOne and photographer moose peterson in partnership with the Texas Flying Legends Museum have teamed up to bring the memories of six historic World War II aircraft to life, through air to air photography and videography, along with first hand accounts of World War Two"
    These photographs are a way to help preserve history and honor the victories and sacrifices made by the men who flew them and the crews who kept them flying . . .
    Found on lesson 1
  • The Nikon D3S Power Session

    Pro Photographer Moose Peterson talks about the new features of the Nikon D3S as well as how to customize the settings to get the most out of your camera and your photos . . .
  • Romancing the Landscape, Part 2

    In the second part of his landscape photography course, Moose Peterson continues his tour of the southwest United States, taking shots of the beautiful buttes, spires, and mesas in Monument Valley. Join Moose in the outdoors as he takes his shots and then follow Moose at his computer, processing the . . .
  • Print, Pack, and Ship Your Photos Like a Pro

    Transcript excerpt: "is very, very important. This is a page out of moose peterson. If you ever buy a moose peterson picture, it comes to you beautifully set up. moose peterson And you feel like this is worth it and these pictures are worth it, so this a big hat tip to moose peterson for this kind of"
    In this age of primarily showing photos on electronic devices the printing of a photo has taken on greater significance and value. At some point every photographer will be asked to produce a print for someone. Join RC Concepcion as he expertly guides through every step in the process of . . .
    Found on lesson 15
  • Aviation Photography

    Moose Peterson is well-known for his wildlife and landscape photography, but few have known about his passion for aviation - until now. Join Moose on location at the Florida International Air Show as he teaches you the finer points of "static" and "ground-to-air" photography, as well as portraiture . . .
  • Shooting Fall Landscapes

    Transcript excerpt: "scape take one, were going to redo number four, moose peterson [xx] reading You know I told these guys I'm having Chinese tonight and they still keep coming in, they just don't learn,  where you're coming now is very rare what we call Eagle bait the American Coot, very stupid bird, what it"
    It's all about color! Join Moose Peterson, wildlife photographer, out in the Eastern Sierras surrounded by blue skies and beautiful fall colors. Moose takes you to some of his most favorite locations and gives you the scoop on everything from gear to camera settings and shooting strategies to post . . .
    Found on lesson 16
  • Romancing the Landscape, Part 1

    Join landscape and wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he gets his first chance to shoot the beauty of Monument Valley. Moose talks about his preferences for camera gear and how he composes landscape shots. He shares some tips for predicting what the weather is going to do, and goes through . . .